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What kind of Yoga are we practicing today?

I say we are practicing Modern Postural Yoga. To me, this includes everything from Astanga and Iyengar (the trendsetters of this movement) to the most contemporary forms such as Baptist and Budakon. This movement of yoga was spurred by a combination of influences; Hatha Yoga, swiss calisthenics, and European trade starting around the 1700's. Yoga has become a global technology due to its accessibility and inclusivity.

These factors have birthed a multiplicity of practitioners, techniques, and practices. Modern Postural Yoga is open to every human being, no matter your religion, class, or gender. You can practice asana, meditation, spirituality, or all of the above.

I think that it is wise for us, as modern practitioners, to be so grateful that we live in a time that the bulk of yoga's wisdom is available to us. This was not always the case. This makes me want to really take advantage of this opportunity, to study the lineage that I claim to practice so that I can wield it appropriately, with true understanding. I feel that it is so important that we approach Yoga humbly, with a sincere intention of honoring the long line of traditions that have evolved into the tradition that we practice today.