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If you have fallen in love with yoga as I have, you might want to consider furthering your knowledge through a yoga teacher training program. Teacher training is not just a resource for practitioners who are looking to start a teaching practice. Yoga practitioners of all levels of practice can and will benefit from attending training.Yoga teacher training is an opportunity to learn and understand more about the lineage of yoga, so that, as a modern practitioner, you can practice the traditional techniques appropriately and effectively. Students will be empowered to deepen their practice moving beyond practicing asana alone. Teacher training gives practitioners one on one guidance to improve their alignment, keeping their bodies healthy and hearts happy.Learning the philosophy and practices in the yogic tradition is an excellent way for anyone interested in yoga to stoke their inner desire to grow. Students also develop the skills to assess what practices are appropriate for themselves and others while learning how to link them together in creative and intelligent ways. In teacher training, I encourage students to be themselves while they challenge themselves. You can expect to work hard and learn more than you can imagine.The most important part of teacher training to me is that we create an enriching environment that helps to cultivate a supportive and loving atmosphere in our community. I want students to feel like they are leaving with more than just information. I want all the people that attend my training to feel like they are with a family. Developing a “sangha,” a group of like-minded people who are working together for a common purpose is an essential aspect of growing as a collective. 

What are people saying about teacher training with Courtney? 

“I really enjoyed my time training at Louisiana Yoga and Paddle. Courtney Thibault is a wonderful teacher. She is encouraging, extremely knowledgeable and has a deep love for yoga that is visible in the way she lives her life. I would highly recommend training with Louisiana Yoga and Paddle to anyone. I have left my training with a much greater understanding of yoga and I am ready and eager to share what I know with my community.”
“Courtney is a born yoga instructor. This is truly her passion and she lives and breathes for sharing her extensive knowledge. She is patient and willing to spend as much time as you need. The setting of the studios is also ideal for learning. It was a wonderful experience that I am grateful for.”
“My 200 hour experience was amazing. I learn so much about teaching, sequencing, anatomy & the meaning behind why we practice yoga. The whole program was very informative. I am able to use my manual & what I have learned to help further the practice to the yogis that attend my classes & take privates. The knowledge that I have received from the LA yoga & paddle program has been phenominal.”
“I enjoyed the training because it was in a relaxed, warm environment. Courtney was very serious about teaching, but not rigid or intimidating. She made it fun and I looked forward to attending. I learned more than I anticipated I would. It was a very positive experience.”

 “Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga and Paddle with Courtney Thibault was fantastic. She has created a well constructed curriculum that guides her students through the multiple facets of teaching yoga. By interspersing study of techniques, philosophy, lifestyle, anatomy, physiology, and methodology and by using a variety of teaching
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