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December & January Courses

Yoga a Spiritual Practice

5 Day Course by Donation

Yoga techniques support our spiritual connection. Lets practice together with the intention of deepening the meaning in our practice. 

Each class will be a unique experience that will include cleansing the subtle body, postures, breathing exercise, and meditation. Each class will be appropriate for all level of practitioner. You should expect more of a work in rather than a workout, Though there will be 60 minutes of movement practice. 

Class Times

Jan 19 6-7:30 PM
Jan 20 6-7:30 PM
Jan 21 6:730 PM
Jan 22 9-11 AM
Jan 23 9-11 AM

Tools for Transformation

5 Day Course

Yoga is a state of being connected to the divine. The tradition of yoga offers tools that support this state of being.

This course serves as both an informational course for yoga practitioners as well as the introductory course for 2019 Yoga Teacher Training.

Investment $200 or $20 per section.

If you are unable to pay please send me a personal email at

Schedule of Classes

January 3 
6-8 PM Yoga History

January 4 
6-8 PM Yogic Body

January 5 
6-8 PM Feet in MPY

January 6 
8-10 AM Spine in MPY
10:30-12:30 Pot Luck
2-4 PM Yoga Meditation

January 7
8-10 AM Freedom in MPY
9-10 Bhakti
10:30-12:30 Outer and Inner Discipline
12:30-1:30 Pot Luck
2-4 PM Yoga Nidra

Courses Lead by

Courtney Thibault


Yoga is not something that I do, Yoga is my life. I have been practicing for so long and studying for so long that it feels like everything is yoga to me. Yoga is a state of being, of being connected to the Divine. The teaching of Yoga offers ancient spiritual technologies that support a Divine connection. Yoga is a collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used for recognizing one’s own spirituality.

I began my relationship with yoga as many do with asana or postures. The physical practice itself had a profound impact on me and led me to Yoga Teacher Training in Manhattan Beach, California, with Shelley Williams at YogaMittra. After teaching for some time, I decided to continue on to advanced training with Shakti Mhi at the Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Eventually, read more