200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-hour teacher training is a beginner program. It can be valuable for students interested in teaching or looking to deepen their personal practice. Even though it is a beginner teacher training program you should have some experience with Yoga prior to attending. Having a broad understanding of what Yoga is, beyond exercise is critical for you to have the best experience. You will also find that committing to a supportive lifestyle will greatly improve your experience. 

This program surpasses the standards set by Yoga Alliance. Students can expect an in-depth look at yoga postures and techniques with one on one instruction to help them grow their personal practice. We will also study the history and philosophy of Yoga. I will also share my personal tips and guidelines for sequencing classes. I like to keep it light hearted but I think you will find that I am very serious and excited about yoga, so you can expect to work hard. Be prepared for a combination of challenging flow classes mixed with sweeter more therapeutic classes, homework, and practice teaching sessions that start right away.


Yoga Teacher Training Requirements

Yoga teacher training is an investment, whether you are developing your own spiritual practice or starting a yoga career the price of training is well worth it. You will gain valuable knowledge about your self, tools for life, and meaningful connections.

You must pay your tuition prior to our start date of May 24, 2019. 

You can make a payment below. Your payment is your registration into the upcoming training. 

Pre-Requisits for attending the in person training program. 

  1. Pay your tuition
  2. Learn the āsana names 
  3. Learn the anatomy of the physical and subtle body
  4. Read How Yoga Works by Geshe Michael Roach

You can find resources for learning all of this information on this website. 

You will need to take the test for each of these online prior to training. 

Learn how to set the foundation for your personal yoga practice or how to develop classes that are sincere and respectful. In this weekend workshop we will look at how to make the physical and mental preparations for practice, we will explore what role intention and motivation play in our yoga practice, and we will explore how to cultivate a relationship with Yoga that is more fulfilling. We will also explore opening exercises like pawanamuktāsana and namaskars. 

May 24, 25, 26

9 AM – 5 PM

June 17 – July 1 4

Monday – Friday 5-8 PM

Saturday & Sunday 9-6 PM 

Week 1 Postural Yoga

Week 2 Yoga History & Philosophy

Week 3 Pranayama and Meditation

Week 4 Teaching Methodology

Service is the heart of Yoga. After completing the training program you will need to plan and execute a community service project that either teaches about yoga or brings awareness to a cause that is important to you. 

Requirements for this project:

  1. This project is for the good of the community or someone other than yourself. 
  2. It must need to be planed, promoted, and completed. 
  3. You need to email me your plan prior to the event for approval. 
  4. You must email me after the completion of the project and include your plan, the details of the event, and a reflection of how it went. 

Practicing is the only way to become comfortable teaching. Here are the requirement for practicing and teaching. 

  1. Take 15 yoga classes in the community. Try to change it up as much as you can differing the style and instructor. Take notes on the specifics of the class and your own reflection. You can do these classes before or after training.
  2. 3 Friends sessions. Plan and teach three sessions for classmates or friends. This should be done during our training so that I can come.
Teacher Training