200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-hour teacher training is a beginner program. It can be valuable for students interested in teaching or looking to deepen their personal practice. Even though it is a beginner teacher training program you should have some experience with Yoga prior to attending. Having a broad understanding of what Yoga is, beyond exercise is critical for you to have the best experience. You will also find that committing to a supportive lifestyle will greatly improve your experience. 

This program surpasses the standards set by Yoga Alliance. Students can expect an in-depth look at yoga postures and techniques with one on one instruction to help them grow their personal practice. We will also study the history and philosophy of Yoga. I will also share my personal tips and guidelines for sequencing classes. I like to keep it light hearted but I think you will find that I am very serious and excited about yoga, so you can expect to work hard. Be prepared for a combination of challenging flow classes mixed with sweeter more therapeutic classes, homework, and practice teaching sessions that start right away.

This training will cover:

  • The history and tradition of yoga
  • The modern postural practice
  • Anatomy of the physical and energetic body
  • The Sanskrit Alphabet and pronunciation
  • Hands on Adjustments
  • Sequencing Classes
  • Ayurveda and lifestyle planning
  • Pranayama and breath techniques
  • Meditation

It will include:

  • Workshops
  • PersonalPractice
  • Mentorship
  • Online Study
  • Practice Teaching
  • Tests

Self-Pace Yoga Teacher Training Requirements


4 - Weekend Workshops

  • Asana
  • Lifestyle
  • History & Philosophy
  • Sequencing
  • Anatomy

These workshops can be done in any order. 


Yoga has always been based around a teacher/student relationship. Teachers play vital roles in our own spiritual and personal growth. It is critical that you form a relationship with a teacher that you respect...not just your friend, so that you can optimize your experience. 

Louisiana Yoga School has a number of great teachers to choose as a mentor. I suggest that you meet them all, attend their classes, and then select a mentor that you feel will challenge and nurture you. 

With your mentor you will be required to do:

  • 25 hours of public or private classes
  • 3 teaching evaluations
  • 2 one on one check-in for personal guidance

Practice is the heart of Yoga. You can do all the studying in the world but you will only have an idea of Yoga, practice gives you the true taste. Your personal practice should be contemplative, a somatic experience not an intellectual one. 

Practicum Requirements:

  • 25 Days of Yoga Sutra Practice
  • 25 Hours of Class in the Community
  • Observe 3 Classes
  • Assist 3 Classes
  • Teach 5 Free Classes

Yoga is not just a form of exercise. It is an ancient spiritual technology and it deserves to be acknowledged as such. Yoga is also very dimensional and to be a good teacher you need a great deal of knowledge in both eastern and western wisdom and science. To help assist students our online learning  provides a self paced environment to study and show their skills.

Online Study:

  • Skeleton
  • Muscles
  • Energetic Anatomy
  • Yoga History
  • Asana
  • Eight Limbs 


Yoga Teacher Training is an investment you make for your self. What you learn in teacher training combined with the sense of community that you feel from studying and practicing with others changes you. You will grow as person, have career skills, and a way to share and uplift others. 

Total Investment $2500