Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor


Yoga is not something that I do; Yoga is my life. I have been practicing for so long and studying for so long that it feels like everything is yoga to me. Yoga is a state of being, a state of being connected to the Divine. The teachings of Yoga offer ancient spiritual technologies that support a Divine connection. Yoga is a collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used for recognizing one’s spirituality.

I began my relationship with yoga as many do with āsana or postures. The physical practice itself had a profound impact on me and led me to Yoga Teacher Training in Manhattan Beach, California, with Shelley Williams at YogaMittra. After teaching for some time, I decided to continue to advanced training with Shakti Mhi at the Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Eventually, I opened Louisiana Yoga and Paddle to teach where I grew up. I was encouraged to lead my own teacher training and started Louisiana Yoga School. Leading teacher training taught me more about myself, Yoga, and God than anything else in my life. My students have been my most excellent teachers.

Yoga is an evolution of oneself, from a condensed form of the Divine to an ever-expanding consciousness. So I genuinely believe in continuing education. I always strive to broaden my knowledge and understanding. My mission is to learn as much as I can about Yoga, its history, and the context of its evolution so that I can share an unappropriated, wholesome version of Yoga. I think that yoga has the potential to teach the fundamentals of human existence. These fundamentals are vital to cultivate a thoughtful society, a society that is loving, intelligent, compassionate, inclusive and diverse. I know that to some this may be a stretch, but someone has to hold the high view, and that is what yogins do.

To continue my growth, I am studying Yoga, Sanskrit, and Religion at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Here I have found teachers that continue to encourage me to grow like Shreedevi Bringi. Sree has taught me a great deal about Yoga and Tantra from a traditional practitioners perspective; she has shown me a beautiful and authentic Yoga through mantra, song, dance, story, and puja. At Naropa, I have found a more academic understanding of Yoga that has opened my eyes to the historical and political environment of Yogas evolution,  giving me a more accurate idea of what Yoga is and what Yoga is not. It has also helped me recognize the importance of resisting the urge to leave to the “Yoga” out of Yoga.

I love sharing what I know about Yoga. I like to find others who are exciting and receptive. I feel passionate about honoring Yoga by being accurate and sincere in my practice and participation. If you wish to understand more about Yoga, deepen your spiritual practice, or be in community with others holding a higher view of our world, please explore my website and reach out!