Day 24

Sutra 1.24

क्लेशकर्मविपाकाशयैरपरामृष्ट पुरुषविशेष ईश्वरः॥२४॥

kleśa-karma-vipākāśayair a-parāmṛṣṭaḥ puruṣa-viśeṣa īśvaraḥ


  1. God is a distinction of purusa untouched by the accumulations of seeds of actions arising from root afflictions. – CT
  2. Isvara is the supreme purusa, unaffected by any afflictions, actions, fruits of actions or by any inner impressions of desires. -SS
  3. The Lord is a special soul. His is untouched by the obstacles ( to the practice of yoga), karma, the fructification (of karma), and subconscious predispositions. -EFB





a-parāmṛṣṭa— untouched




āśaya— store-house

Key Concepts:

Patanjali says the Lord is a special soul, not the same as you or me. The Lord is free of samskara-s and free from the obstacles to yoga, the klesha-s.

To understand this sutra you need to have some idea about samskara-s and karma, the cycle of action-reaction-re-reaction. (You can find more details about this in past posts.)

You also need to know what klesha-s are. The klesha-s are obstacles to Yoga practice, they are often referred to as afflictions. An affliction causes pain or suffering. Patanjali describes the klesha-s as the root cause of the vritti-s, particularly the harmful ones. There are five kesha-s; ignorance, ego, attachment, aversion, and fear of change. We will discuss each of the klesha-s in great detail in the next chapter. 

Another important concept to understand is that of the underlying metaphysical cosmology of the universe that Patanjali is basing this sutra on. In this cosmology Isvara is a supreme purusa, that pervades all other aspects of the universe. Purusa here is the individual supreme consciousness, our witness consciousness. Prakriti is the multiplicity of potential and manifest aspects of creation. This reminds me of a bugs eye. At the core are stillness, observation, and power. Then as you move away from the core these aspects become fractured, going out through thousands of lens. Each lens sees and perceives what is being experienced from its own individual perspective, even though they are all a part of the same core. 




Practice because you love yourself so much, not because you need to fix yourself.

Prayer Ritual

Practice 5X Rounds


  1. Use your mantra. 
  2. Say your mantra to yourself 5 times out loud. 
  3. Say your mantra in a whisper 5 times. 
  4. Say your mantra silently in your mind 5 times.      

*When you catch your mind engaged in an activity that you find harmful, use your mantra to get reset your mind. 



  1. Start ujjayi, create a nice long breath, balancing the inhalation and exhalation. 
  2. Inhale into the belly for a count of 2 and pause for 2. 
  3. Inhale into the chest for 2 and pause for 2 
  4. Inhale into the shoulders for 2 and pause for 2. 
  5. Exhale slowly, smoothly and completely, pausing for 2. 
  6. Reapeat for 5 minutes.


  1. Draw your attention into yourself. Removing your awareness of the objects of your senses.
  2. Focus your minds eye on your object of meditation.
  3. Practice for 10 minutes. 
  4. When you feel your mind wander be so gentle in bringing it back. *Remember we are like infants in this journey. Treat yourself as you would your own child. 


  1. I understand samskara and karma as….?
  2. The klesha-s are….?
  3. Patanjali understands God as a special soul. How do I understand God?

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