Day 35

Sutra 1.35

विषयवती वा प्रवृत्तिरुत्पन्ना मनसः स्थितिनिबन्धिनी॥३५॥

viṣayavatin, vā, pravṛtti, utpannā, manas, sthiti-nibandhanin


  1. Or, holding steady the mind, on a finer cognition that has a sensory object.- CT
  2. Or the concentration on subtle sense perceptions can cause steadiness of mind. -SS
  3. Or else, focus on a sense object arises, and this causes steadiness of the mind. -EFB


viṣayavatin-having a sensory object
vā-also, or
pravṛttiḥ-finer activity, cognition of citta
manasaḥ-of the mind
nibandhani-holding, fixing

Key Concepts:

I think that I have mentioned before that when you have a list in Sanskrit it is often understood that the first of the list is the highest of importance. Furthermore is often considered to be needed for the next on the list. 

The list that we are discussing now is the means for cultivating a peaceful mind. 

  1. one-pointedness, fixing the mind on one object {OM being the highest object} 1.32
  2. appropriate attitudes of friendliness, compassion, delight, and dispassion 1.33
  3. working with the breath 1.34
  4. one-pointedness on a supersensuous experience 1.35          

Many think that the first two in this list are required and that the following are the means. So you must concentrate the mind, and develop appropriate attitudes toward outward experiences first. Then you apply the means either, working with the breath or one-pointedness. 

This is a place in the commentaries where the discourse on siddhis or superpowers begins. When you concentrate on the sense organs with one pointed focus, you will have (if you are ready) a supersensuous experience. 

If you focus on the tip of the nose, you will smell sweat smells. If you focus on the tip of the tongue you will taste sweet smells. If you focus on the palette you will see beautiful colors.
If you focus on the inner ear you will hear sweat rhythms.
If you focus on your skin will feel sweet sensations. 

These experiences help to develop your confidence in the path. When you have one of these experiences you will have no doubts. This gives you a first-hand experience, the most powerful form of knowledge. Your faith is strengthened. Just as when you rub two sticks together and you see smoke, you know the fire is coming. When you have a supersensuous experience, you know that grace is coming. 



1. Sankalpa

2. Prayer Ritual

3. Asana:

Practice 10X Rounds

4. Mantra:

  1. Use your mantra. 
  2. Say your mantra to yourself 5 times out loud. 
  3. Say your mantra in a whisper 5 times. 
  4. Say your mantra silently in your mind 5 times.      

*When you catch your mind engaged in an activity that you find harmful, use your mantra to reset your mind. 

5. Pranayama:

Dirga Pranayam

Dirga Pranayam is the full Yogic Breath. 

  1. Start ujjayi, create a nice long breath, balancing the inhalation and exhalation. 
  2. Visualize in the space between the bottom of your ribs and your navel as the central point of your being. 
  3. As you inhale feel the energetic body expanding out, spherically, in all directions. (3-Dimensionally)
  4. Pause-Kumbhaka- spontaneously
  5. Let the exhale come naturally, feel the energetic body contracting back into the body at the central point of your being. 
  6. Kumbhaka -spontaneous pause.
  7. Reapeat for 5 minutes noticing the feeling of continual expanding and contracting of your being in a rhythmic way. 

6. Meditation:

  1. Draw your attention into yourself. Removing your awareness of the objects of your senses.
  2. Focus your minds eye on your object of meditation or on OM.
  3. Practice for 10 minutes. 
  4. When you feel your mind wander be so gentle in bringing it back. *Remember we are like infants in this journey. Treat yourself as you would your own child. 
  5. End by touching your heart and repeating your name 3 times. 

7. Reflection

Practice when you have a few minutes or practice in the place of the regular meditation if you are short on time. 

Nose tip gazing.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position. 
  2. Take time to still and relax the body. 
  3. Turn the attention inward. 
  4. Extend the right hand out with the index finger lifted. 
  5. Focus your eyes on the tip of your finger. 
  6. Slowly bring the tip of your finger to the tip of your nose. 
  7. When your gaze meets the tip of your nose let the gaze settle on the tip of the nose. 
  8. You will feel cross eyed. Do not strain your eyes, keep them very soft and relaxed.
  9. With the eyes relaxed you will see a v, with the apex at the tip of the nose, keep the eyes focused at the apex of the v for 5 minutes. 
  10. Relax the eyes. You can close them, or cover them with the palms of your hands, or lie with an eye mask. 

Nose tip gazing has physiological benefits for the eyes if practiced steadily, not to mention the mental benefits. 

  1. What was your experience with nose tip gazing?
  2. Have you ever had a supersensuous experience, a heightened state of awareness?
  3. What do you think these experiences are? 

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