Day 45

Sutra 1.45

सूक्ष्मविषयत्वं चालिङ्गपर्यवसानम्॥४५॥

sūkṣmaviṣayatvam cāliṇgaparyavasānam


  1. The subtlety of objects extends all the way up to the unmanifest state of primary matter.- CT
  2. The subtlety of possible object of concentration ends only at the undefinable. -SS
  3. The subtle nature of things extends all the way up to prakṛti. -EFB


sūkṣma – subtle 
viṣayatvaṁ – things having the nature of, object of senses
ca – and
aliṅga – prakṛti that has no sign
paryavasānam – concluding, terminating, all the way up to

Key Concepts:

An object with a subtle nature generates a product grosser than itself. The five gross elements have no evolutes, they are the last emanation, the final emanation of puruṣa as prakṛti. The subtle nature of things extends all the way to their unmanifested form. Once you observe the subtle you can follow this observation to its source, to its origin as the potential of all things. 

Remember this view is based on Saṃkhya cosmology. 

Every element is understood to be an evolute of consciousness, a contracted form of puruṣa. 

The descent of consciousness into a manifested stated and then its dissolution back into consciousness is a key element in Indic philosophy.  This idea is central to Saṃkhya, Śaivism, Yoga, and many other traditions in  India. It is often considered in the terms of the cycle of karma, death and rebirth, or reincarnation, however, it is much more subtle and complex than just that. It is the blinking of the eye of consciousness, the birth and death of each moment, the pulse of existence. 

Cycle of Creation 

The recognition of this pulse of creation existing in everything at every moment is fundamental to self-recognition. It is the opportunity to awaken to the interconnectedness of life and one’s true nature. 



1. Sankalpa

2. Prayer Ritual

3. Asana:

Practice 5X Rounds

4. Mantra:

  1. Use your mantra. 
  2. Say your mantra to yourself 5 times out loud. 
  3. Say your mantra in a whisper 5 times. 
  4. Say your mantra silently in your mind 5 times.      

*When you catch your mind engaged in an activity that you find harmful, use your mantra to reset your mind. 

5. Pranayama:


Kapalabhati is the skull shining breath or breath of fire. This increases ones energy and internal fire, boosting metabolism and digestive fire. It is considered a purification practice because of its powerful ability to clear the nadīs. It increases oxygen levels in the body and clears the mind as it send prāṇa up from the pelvic floor to the crown (skull shining) 

  1. Start ujjayi, create a nice long breath, balancing the inhalation and exhalation. 
  2. Visualize the space two fingers below your navel. If it is hard to visualize, touch the space between the navel and pupil bone.  
  3. Let this place be where you initiate the breath. 
  4. Take three large inhalations followed by exhalations out of the mouth. 
  5. On the next breath, inhale half way. 
  6. Focus only on the exhale, strongly pull the low belly in to exhale. Let the inhale be spontaneous. 
  7. Do 40 to 50 pulses. Take a full inhale. Take a full exhale and engage mahabandha (see above), retaining the breath as long as is comfortable.
  8. Lift the chin. Inhale. 
  9. Take a few normal breaths. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds. 
  10. Sit for a few moments, allowing your body to breath naturally. 

6. Meditation:

  1. Draw your attention into yourself. Removing your awareness of the objects of your senses.
  2. Focus your minds eye on your object of meditation .
  3. Practice for 10 to 20 minutes. (commit to a time and set a timer)
  4. When you feel your mind wander be so gentle in bringing it back. *Remember we are like infants in this journey. Treat yourself as you would your own child. 
  5. End by touching your heart and repeating your name 3 times. 

7. Reflection

Subtle Body Exercise

  1. Hold your hands out in front of you with your palms facing one another.
  2. Very gently move your hands like you are playing an accordion.
  3. Do this a few times, maybe for 30 seconds. 
  4. Set an intention to feel the subtle energy between your hands. 
  5. Move the hands together and apart again, notice if there is a difference in what you feel.
  6. A field of energy should now start to build between your hands; you can help this process by visualizing it appearing and growing in strength.
  7. Move the ball around in your hands until it feels powerful.
  8. Place your energy ball over each chakra, holding for 30 seconds. Really focus on what you are feeling. 
  9. When you get to the crown of your head, visualize the energy cascading over you.
  10. Sit for a few moments, notice what subtleties you feel.


  1. How do you understand Saṃkhya’s view of creation? 
  2. Do you find it useful for understanding your own experience?Or not helpful?
  3. Did you feel any resistance as your hands moved closer together?
  4. Did you have a sense of them being connected by energy? 
  5. What did you experience? What did you feel?

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