Yoga The Tradition

It is important as western practitioners to learn about Yoga as the ancient tradition that it is out of respect. It is not cool to take the Yoga out of Yoga. Learning about Yoga's history, teachers, and significant events cultivates a deeper understanding of contemporary Yoga and it develops reverence for the tradition's lineage and the thousands of yogis who came before us.


Meditation is the heart of Yoga, the longest running current in Yoga's history. There are many different system of philosophy within the Tradition of Yoga in regards to meditation and there are thousands of meditations. Discover different ways to practice and explore the different theories on the goal of practice. Develop your meditation practice.


Prānāyāma is the primary practice focused on many traditions of Yoga. The breath is intrinsically linked to the mind and the consciousness and therefore is often used as the direct means for working with the subtle body and mind.


Yoga Āsana is a relatively new development in Yoga's long history of practice. Postural practice is conglomeration of yoga and various exercise practices. So what makes Yoga posture different than exercise? Discover western and eastern ideas about postural practice.


Working with the body is the most accessible way for must of us to get in touch with the spiritual technology that Yoga provides. Understanding the physical and subtle anatomy is critical for understanding what yogic practices are doing and how to use them to help ourselves.

Developing Classes

The techniques that we learn from the Yoga tradition are invaluable spiritual techniques. Understanding the practices empowers us to develop rituals and classes for ourselves and others that are power tools for spiritual transformation. That transformation is experienced as more health, vitality, and joy. Explore the tools provide to create magical plans.