Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training

Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training


This self-paced program is designed to meet you wherever you are in your Yoga journey. It is for students who are interested in getting their 200 hour training certificate or if you are working on your 500 hour certificate. I have designed this program for students who find it difficult to commit to the time demands of traditional training. I am excited about this program because I feel that it truely embodies the spirit of the student mentor relationship that the Yogic tradition was built on. Even thought the program is more convienent I believe it is more challenge in some ways. It will require a dedication and strength of will that group classes do not always require. However, I will be there the whole to support you in your study and transformation. 

The program is built around 3 modules

  • The Sadhana Module
  • The Study Module
  • The Service Module

Sadhana Module

The sadhana module is the practice module. For 200 hour students this means 6 months of daily Yoga practice and for 300-hour students 9 months of daily practice. I feel this is the most important aspect when becoming a Yoga teacher. You need the experience to be a good teacher.

Sadhana may include


Together each month we will have a consultation where we develop a sadhana that fits you. When developing this practice we will consider the time of year, the circumstances of your life, your time constraints, your interest and your goals. You will then receive a pdf of your practice plan for the month with instructions and videos of any techniques that are included. Consultations may be in person, over the phone or online. Each week you will submit a video or journal of your Sadhana and short reflection on your experience.

This is going to make up a good amount of your training hours, so that means you need to be able to set aside time each day for yoga practice.That means that this is a demanding endeavor that should only be taken on by one who is disciplined and eager.

Practice doesn't include the study time, your practice time will be 1 hour separate from what you are study and learning.

This module can not be broken up, it is required that you practice every day for the duration of this module.

Self-Study Module

The self-study will consist of going through the course material for either 200 hours or 300-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training. This material may be presented in written or video format. It will require that you complete assignments which may include workshops*, video journal of asanas and teaching, reading reflections, research projects, journals, and tests. This is the part of the training that is truly self-paced, we will move through the material in a way that is appropriate for you. That means if you need fewer assignments or you want more assignments then we will plan for that. The course materials will include

The course materials will cover

Physical Anatomy
Energetic Anatomy
Yoga History
Yoga Philosophy
Yogic Techniques
Teaching Methodology
Yoga Business

You will have some say in what area we focus on if you have particular interests.

Service Module

The service module serves two purposes. Yoga is a technology of service so it is very important to keep that spirit in our Yogic journey. For you, this will mean setting up free yoga sessions in your community and practice teaching what you are learning. You will be required to film some of this session so that we can work together honing your ability to truly see your students and offer appropriate support. From these videos, I will offer suggestions on how you can refinement for your teaching and hands-on adjustment skills. We can also discuss the physical anatomy of your students and how to work with each in the most effective ways, making the best decisions about adjustments, and offering variations in the form of modification or advancements.

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training $1500                                          or $250 a month for 6 months
300 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training $2500                                              or $275 a month for 9 months

*Please note that if you would like to attend teacher training workshops you will need to pay the drop in price.  

Registration for this Self-Paced Program will open on June 1 if you are interested please feel free to email me at and when you are ready to sign up please complete the resgistration form below. 

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